Finnish Iron Fist

Finnish Iron Fist is an online gaming community founded by a bunch of like-minded finnish gamers in 2008.


About us

Finnish Iron Fist is an online gaming community from Finland consisting of finnish guys who left from another community to form their own in the summer of 2008. The name Finnish Iron Fist was introduced officially in 29.06.2008.

We started our clan activities playing a World War II online fps game called Red Orchestra. Some of us had been playing online fps games for many years in different clans, but our founding group started playing Red Orchestra in January 2007. We used to play official games in the RO:ladder, more specifically in the EU ladder, retiring in 2010. Today we consist of 18 more or less active players.

These days our community plays all kinds of online games, mainly those in the fps genre.


Currently FIF has 17 members. We do not accept new members without an endorsement from a current member.

While playing our members can be identified by the use of the [FIF] -tag.